International Stay at Home Festival



All money collected goes to the bands and our employees to help in this difficult time!

Pre-show 2:00 — Thundermother’s Newest Release! Sweden

2:15 — Post-show Zoom chat with Thundermother!
Thundermother Merchandise
Mats Jonasson Necklaces


2:00 — The Silver Spoons Pre-show Premiere! Czech Republic


3:00 — General Rest in Peace, Morocco

Post-show Zoom chat
General Rest in Peace Merchandise
Fétiche curiosités

3:30 — Pinky Doodle Poodle, Japan

Post-show Zoom chat
Pinky Doodle Poodle Merchandise
Yokohama Red Shoes Chocolate

4:00 — Darko Todorovski, Macedonia

Post-show Zoom chat
Darko on Insta
Chasing the Donkey

4:30 — Dirty Soap, USA

Post-show Zoom chat
Dirty Soap Merchandise
Tin Goat Soap

5:00 — Rock and Lovers, Mexico

Post-show Zoom chat
Rock and Lovers Merchandise
Talavera Pottery

5:30 — Piqued Jacks, Italy

Post-show Zoom chat
Piqued Jacks Merchandise
UFIP Cymbals


6:00 — Hope The Flowers, Thailand

Post-show Zoom chat
Hope The Flowers Merchandise